Bad kitchen habits you need to break right now

We all have our bad habits, but they vary in severity. Little annoyances don’t matter much unless they really
add up, and they’re not a problem compared to the habits that can cost you dearly. Here are four bad kitchen
habits you need to break right now. And even if you think you’re a master chef in the kitchen, the odds are
that you’re guilty of at least one of these.

Ignoring Recipes

A recipe is both a shopping list and a to-do list. It tells you what to use and in what order to mix and make
things. If they tell you to mix the dough for thirty minutes with kneading tools, that’s what you do. You
don’t set the mixer on high with whisks and then blame the recipe for the item coming out with the wrong
consistency. Don’t substitute ingredients because you think it will be healthier or taste better. You’ll
probably end up with something with the wrong flavor, texture and even burned because different
ingredients can alter the required cook time. If you can’t use flour, oil or eggs, choose a recipe that doesn’t
use those ingredients.

Not Measuring Correctly

Most people know that a cup isn’t a large brimming scoop but a measured cup full. Some don’t get a more
accurate amount by leveling the solid items like flour and sugar with a clean knife. A few make the mistake
of filling the container to the top though the marker is actually lower. A common mistake is using measuring
cups intended for dry goods with liquids and vice versa.
Another variation of this mistake is not measuring liquids properly. Don’t look at the cup of water or oil
from an angle. Look at it from eye level to get an accurate reading. This helps you avoid the mistake of
misjudging because of the meniscus.

Not Preheating Properly

This mistake may be due to ignorance, impatience or both. When you set the oven to 350 degrees, it takes a
while to heat up. If you put the food in that needs to cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes while the oven
warms up, you’ve actually undercooked the food. Wait until the oven is at temperature before you add the
food. This same mistake can be made with pans. For example, the pan you want to make scrambled eggs in
should be sizzling before you add the eggs. This ensures that the eggs are thoroughly cooked. A side benefit
is that it decreases the odds the food will stick to the pan because it is drying out.

Storing Food Incorrectly

Almost everyone is guilty of some version of this mistake. You only have to put a hot pan in the fridge and
warp the plastic shelf to never make that mistake again. This is why some people leave food out on the
counter to cool before they put it in the fridge, though this gives bacteria time to start growing. Others fail to
cover the food when they put it in the fridge or freezer, allowing it to essentially freeze dry. A few put
potatoes and garlic in the fridge when it really should be a cool, dark and drier location like your cupboard.
Leaving coffee in an open bag instead of a sealed container causes it to lose its flavor.

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